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Wild Aerial Film: Welcome


Wild Aerial follows aerialist and climber Sasha Galitzki to dramatic, ice-bound locations in the Canadian Rockies where she overcomes extreme cold and dizzying heights to express herself, connect with nature and draw attention to the fragility of these rapidly changing icescapes. 


Short Documentary

Wild Aerial Film: Text


Adventurers seek efficiency in the mountains but none move with the grace of Sasha Galitzki, the only aerialist in the region—and perhaps the world—who dances high above icebound glaciers and canyons. Collaborating with local photographers and filmmakers, Galitzki creates whimsical images that draw attention to the beauty and fragility of these rapidly changing icescapes. 
Galitzki blends techniques from the disparate worlds of climbing and acrobatics to perform gravity-defying routines in subzero temperatures, all without being ‘tied in’. Her aerial pursuits require immense physicality, sound risk-assessment and unwavering confidence much like free soloing—only with flips, twirls and the occasional splits.
Arriving at an established crag in a sparkly bodysuit also requires a different kind of self-assurance. As Sasha turns 40 and continues pushing her limits as an athlete-meets-artist, she inspires members of the mountain community to explore new ways to move through, and connect with, our environment.
The film ultimately offers a glimpse into the unique mountain discipline and culture of Galitzki’s trailblazing acrobatics while addressing intersecting themes of ageism, belonging and self-expression.

Wild Aerial Film: Text


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Learn more about Sasha Galitzki and her live acrobatic entertainment company, Cirque Aurora.

Cover image: Kristopher Andres Photography

Wild Aerial Film: Text
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