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Sasha is unafraid.

She is unafraid of discomfort; unafraid of heights; unafraid to try new things. She is forever seeking ways to push her limits -  physically, creatively, and intellectually. As a life-long outdoorswoman and avid acrobat, she is at home everywhere from vertical cliff faces to dance studios. She thrives on the challenge of creating art in extreme conditions and specializes in creative projects in nature, both on the ground and in the air.



Sasha is mesmerizing. 

When she performs the world stands still.
The lights dim and the build-up of alluring music changes the mood in the room. As the spotlight finds her the world freezes, transfixed by the golden goddess who moves with grace and charm. As her performance unfolds, revealing the incredible strength and absolute poise of this talented woman, you can't help but wonder how someone comes to be so captivating.

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